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Meet the City

The city is surrounded by a Green Ring composed of six large parks, crisscrossed by an extensive network of bicycle and pedestrian routes and fitted with spacious resting areas.

Salburua Park (Parque de Salburua)

Salburua is a wetland made up by several lakes (Arcaute and Betoño being the main ones), surrounded by damp meadows and a small oak wood. It was drained years ago for farming. Work to recover the wetlands to their former state began in 1994 and today Salburua is one of the most valuable continental wetlands in the Basque Country and Ramsar Wetland of International Importance.

There are several routes that surround and connect the main lakes. The Ataria information point and two bird observatories help you to discover and enjoy all the natural treasures of the wetland complex.

Salburua Park (Parque de Salburua)

Ataria Interpretation Center of Salburua Wetlands

Ataria, the Interpretation Center of Salburua Wetlands, is the main gateway to the Salburua Park.

Ataria is a dynamic and modern center that stimulates discussion and encourages participation concerning biodiversity. This is a forum for promoting research and discovering new forms of communication and disclosure for our natural heritage.

Ataria is conceived as a platform aimed at communication, education and public awareness raising activities regarding wetlands, as well as leisure and entertainment. In addition to school activities, it offers a broad set of proposals directed at all audiences, ranging from the most entertaining for children and families, to the more conceptual, or to others that pursue the promotion of citizen participation in park management and natural heritage.

Five tours of the city

We propose five routes to get to know the city better:

  • The western expansion between the 17th and 20th centuries

Our walk takes us around the hill, where we will meet with baroque, neoclassical and transitional buildings, as well as contemporary architecture.

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  • The romantic expansion of the 19th century

This is the social center of the city having a large shopping center with stores of all types, from centuries-old shops to a variety of restaurants, cinemas and theaters.

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  • The Senda Walk (Paseo de la Senda)

One of the most beautiful walks in the city. Over 3 kilometers of tree-lined pedestrian areas link the center of the city with the residential area of Armentia, where the Romanesque Basilica of San Prudencio is found.

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  • The south. The Campus

Here we find a 'garden-city', sports areas and the university campus.

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  • The contemporary expansion

A new center of wide streets that connects with the new housing developments of Lakua and Zabalgana.

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Salburua Park (Parque de Salburua)

The Green Ring

  • Zabalgana

    Park Zabalgana is located west of the city. You'll find...

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  • Armentia

    The Forest of Armentia is just 3 kilometers southwest of the city. Here we expect more than a hundred...

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Tourist Circuits

  • Pintxo

    Discover the pleasures for the palate with haute cuisine in miniature.

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  • Medieval quarter's wall
    Medieval quarter

    Declared a Monumental Site in 1997, the Medieval Almendra is rich in historical and cultural heritage...

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